Friday, September 16, 2011

Dark Paige pt2


     "Hello." Dave said answering the phone on his desk.
     "Hello Mr. Dearing, this Ann Francis from Brookside Mental Hospital.  I'm afraid I have bad news.  It seems Paige and another patient escaped together earlier this morning somewhere between nine and eleven am.  We haven't been able to locate either patient yet.  We have notified the police but I felt I should notify you as well."
     Dave sat silently holding the phone to his ear unable to believe what he had heard.  He couldn't have heard it.  Paige didn't escape.  He had to have misunderstood.
     "Mr. Dearing.  Are you there?"
     Dave came out of his daze and managed a response.  "Yeah, I'm here.  I was just hoping I had heard you wrong."
     "I'm afraid not Mr. Dearing.  I wish you had.  She and another patient had to have escaped together during shift change."
     "Excuse me Mrs. Francis, thanks for the call but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call you back."  Dave said and hung the phone up before she could respond.   He pressed the button on the intercom and rang his secretary. 
     "Yes Mr. Dearing."  She answered back promptly.
     "Please get Carrie's daycare on the phone Stacy.  It's an emergency."
     "Is everything alright sir?"
     "God I hope so." He replied removing his hand from the intercom. 


     Lana hurried up the stairs to the shower eager to avoid any further contact with Paige for awhile.  That had ruined her buzz just now. 
     Paige scared her.  Hell, most of the girls at Brookside were scared of her. 
     Paige was dangerous.  maybe the scariest thing about Paige is that Paige has no idea she's crazy.   She's been told she is, she knows that its the outside worlds opinion of her, she just doesn't see it.
     You see everything violent Paige has ever done is a mystery to her.  She doesn't have any memory of doing it or even being where it was done.  Dark Paige takes care of all the wet work. 
     Most of the time she's normal if not a little too happy until she's not.  That's how quick it happens.  Lana had only seen it happen twice for herself.  One second she's normal old Paige and the next shes someone else all together.
     The last time Lana saw Paige's dark side they had been in the dorm at Brookside. Lana had been at Brookside before Paige so she knew the ropes and everyone knew Big Bertha ran the dorm.
     Bertha was a giant bull dyke with fists of stone she used to dominate everyone at Brookside.  She ran the place.  Till she met Paige.
     It was Paige's first day in the west dorm where Bertha ruled with an iron fist and Paige and Lana were playing checkers by the big window. 
     Everyone knew this was Bertha's spot.  If you were here and she walked in you moved and when she walked in that's exactly what Lana did but even though Lana pleaded with her new friend, Paige wouldn't get up.
     "Sit back down girl she doesn't own this table.  Let's finish our game."  Paige had said calm as a Hindu cow.
     "No and you should get up too she's coming over here."   Lana replied still backing up but not wanting to run.  She liked Paige and didn't want to see her hurt. 
     "Please come with me.  It's not worth it."
     "Your being silly."  Paige said.  "You re just quitting because I'm winning."
     By now Bertha was at the table and Lana's knees were rattling together she was so scared but Paige just looked up calmly, extended her hand and said  "Hi Bertha, I'm Paige."
     What happened next was so fast and vicious it took Lana awhile to even register it had happened much less recall the actual progression of events. 
     Bertha didn't shake Paige's hand.  Instead she smacked it away and said in her gravelly deep voice "That's my table Bitch"
    At least she tried to say that what she really said was more like "That's my table Bit..."  Then the only sounds were Big Bertha's screams.
    It took a second for Lana to process but before she could finish her sentence Paige had lashed out and bit a chunk off of Bertha's huge left breast.  Then she grabbed Bertha's fat head and shattered her jaw on the table.  By now the orderlies were rushing over but when they got there she moved like a cat around the big one took his keys off his belt and went back at Bertha putting the longest key directly in Bertha's throat.
     Blood sprayed like rain and Bertha just held her throat and gurgled walking or rather stammering backwards falling on her big ass holding her neck and struggling to breathe.  Then she went limp and started to shake violently.
     Bertha spent the next six weeks in a coma. 
     It ended as fast as it began because Paige had no memory of it.  She sat back down coated in blood and looked at Lana and said "Now quit trying to cheat girl and sit down and finish this game.  I have three kings and your going down."
     Lana threw up all over the board and passed out in her own vomit.
     Lana wanted no part of Paige's dark side.  She reminded herself to be more careful at least until they met up with Nick and could finally ditch her.


     Dave rushed through the front doors of Carrie's daycare and was met by Mrs. Wilson the school administrator.
     "Hello Mr. Dearing.  Carrie's all ready, she just went to the bathroom. Is everything OK it sounded very urgent."
     "Family emergency.  It's private."
     "Of course Mr. Dearing.  I hope everything turns out OK."  She looked past Dave down the hall "I think I see our little Carrie coming now."
     "Daddy!" Carrie exclaimed and ran toward him down the hall.  "You saved me after all."
     "Sure did baby let's go see Uncle Ray he's meeting us at McDonald's for lunch."  Dave turned to Mrs. Wilson.  "Thank you very much for getting her ready and sitting with her."
     "My pleasure Mr. Dearing.  Carrie is alot of fun to hang out with actually."  She leaned in to Dave's ear.  "Talked alot about the boys being mean"
     "They are mean."  Carrie proclaimed.  "All of them."
     Dave and Mrs. Wilson shared a smile and then Dave scooped up Carrie and carried her out to the car to go meet his brother.

     Uncle Ray was a Detective for the local PD and he was the one who had helped Dave keep what really happened with Paige under the radar.  He was the only person Dave could turn to in this situation.
     Ray was a very large man, big through the chest and tall, bulging with muscles.  He definitely won the genetics prize in their family.  He was sitting in a corner booth when Dave pulled up and he got his large frame up and went out to meet his Brother and Niece.
     "Unkie Ray!"  Carrie exclaimed and ran up jumping into his arms for her usual bear hug.
     "Hey kiddo how are you?"  he said as caught her an spun around with her letting her legs flail outward in a huge circle.
     "Great.  I'm getting a toy with my cheeseburger."  Carrie announce proudly.
     "Are you now."  Ray kissed her on both cheeks and put her back on the pavement.  He turned toward his brother his look becoming somber.  "How you doing?"


     "They still haven't found her Dave.  I keep checking."  Ray looked up at Dave, "Y'all wanna stay with me for a little while till its safe?"
     "I may take you up on that one."  Dave said pushing his fries around but not eating.  "Carrie at least if you don't mind just for now.  I have some things I hafto do and I'll come too.  I just would rather know Carrie was safe."
    "Mind?  Hell no we don't mind Suze will be thrilled to have her.  You know she always loved that one."  Ray said and leaned over to tussle Carrie's blond hair.
    "I love you guys too Uncle Ray."  Carrie said between Chicken Nuggets.  "You guys have cable."
    "Gotta love the honesty on the lil ones dontcha Davey?"
    "She's definitely honest."  Dave said winking at Carrie.  "Honestly ornery."
    "Dad!"  Carrie protested through a mouthful of fries.  "I am not."


     Lana stepped out of the shower grabbed the towel Paige had left her off the bar and dried her body.  Next stop Nick's. 
     It had been nearly five years since she had seen him and nearly five minuets since she last thought of him.. She was unbelievably horny and the weed didn't help matters.  Weed always turned her on.  But then again she had been away for awhile.  Everything turned her on.
     She hoped things hadn't changed between them in the five years since they had really been alone together.  Things between her and Nick were always electric.  She hoped they still were.
     She finished dressing in the clothes Paige had laid out for her, not her style but clean, and went back downstairs to the kitchen.  Paige was sitting at the table looking through a family photo album.
    "She looks just like Dave."  she said to Lana without looking up.  "Even as a baby she always did."
     "Paige, you ready?"  Lana asked.   "We shouldn't stay here much longer this is a place they'll look and Nicks waiting."
     "Ya."  she said and tossed Lana the keys to the Jeep.  "You drive I wanna look through this."
     Lana and Paige headed outside to the Jeep and headed for Nick's.
     "How far from here is it?"  Paige asked her still not looking up as if she wasn't really concerned with the answer but just making conversation.
     "Not too far about 20-30 minuets.  Its pretty close.  you know those trailers by the old drive-in?"
     "Yeah, Dave and I used to go to that drive-in all the time.  That was where he first crossed third."  Paige said and turned the page in the album.  "Oh my god she's gotten so big.  How is it possible she's gotten so big?"
    "Kids do that.  My Grandpa used to say he was gonna put bricks on our heads to keep us from growing so fast.  Life is like that.  It moves fast.  You blink and you could miss something."
    "Very true."  Paige said and went back to her pictures.


     Nick walked up and down the long hallway that was his trailer looking out the front window every time he passed it.  He was a bundle of nerves.  They would have broken out three hours ago if it had worked.  he had done his part and left the Jeep right where Lana had said. The rest was up to them.
     He honestly didn't have much confidence he'd see Lana today but an addict always has hope and she had said she would bring money. 
     It could happen.  She said the other girl with her came from money and would help them outta this run down trailer and into a better life if he'd help them so he had.  He didn't love Lana.  Love and lust are very different and while Nick loved screwing Lana, sex with her was fantastic, she was dumb as a brick and fucking annoying to boot.  But he had no problem using her if it suited his purpose.
     Nick  kept feverishly pacing the little single-wide trailer back and forth and looking out the front widow every lap.  Any minute now they should be here and if it takes another hour then they ain't coming and Nick would have to come up with another way to get his fix.  he didn't have a plan B just yet but he always got his drugs somehow.  He sucked at almost everything else but was very good at being an addict.
    Nick heard an engine and looked back out the window.  He saw the Jeep he had stolen pull into the driveway and Lana and a very sexy red-head get out and start for the trailer.  Nick went to the door to meet them.
     "Oh my god baby you did it!"  He said as he greeted them at the door to the trailer.  "I fuckin' knew you'd do it."  Come on in girls."  Nick put his hand out to Paige and she shook it.  "Sorry, she's rude.  I'm Nick."
     "I'm Paige, nice to meet you.  its good to finally put a face with the stories.  Lana talks about you all the time."
    "Well come on in ladies.  Its not too clean but my Ol' Lady's been away awhile and u know how that goes.  When the cats away."  Nick turned to Lana  "Hey baby, will you run up to the county line and get us a case of beer?"
    "No Nick we just got here dammit.  I haven't even sat down." Lana said protesting.
    "Come on baby."  Nick said fake pouting the way he did when he couldn't get his way.  "I wanna celebrate your escape."
    "Dammit Nick, you knew you were gonna want beer so why didn't you go buy it yourself?  We just walked in."
    "'I didn't get any 'cuz I didn't have any money baby doll.  Now come on, you'll be back in a half hour and we can celebrate and then later we can really celebrate if you know what I mean."  Nick said as he grabbed Lana by the waist and pulled her close kissing the back of her neck.  She could feel him hard against her ass. "Pretty please?" Nick moaned into her ear.
    "Dammit that isn't fair and you know it."  Lana pouted and turned and pretended to hit his chest.  "Your awful.".  She stared daggers at him with her arms folded against her breasts.  "Fine."  she turned toward Paige who was still going through that thick photo album.  "You wanna come Lil Bit?"
    "I'll just stay if you don't mind.  I wanna finish looking through these pictures."  She said as she  turned another page. 
     "You guys both suck."  She said and picked up the keys.  "Anything else from the store either of you."
     Paige finally did look up at this.  "Yes."  she said.  "Chocolate.  And lots of it.  Also get us something to drink too.  Drinking sounds good but I don't really care for beer all that  much."
     "OK, you guys be good Ill be back soon as I can."  She headed out the door of the trailer.
     Nick hollered after her.  "Babe, get me smokes too OK and ditch that car up the street at the grocery on your way back and walk the last two blocks up.  The last thing we need if were gonna party is a hot Jeep in the driveway."
     "K, I will." Lana said and headed out for the beer and cigs.


     Nick went to the window and watched as Lana backed out and drove away.  Once he was sure she was gone he turned back to Paige.  His penis was still throbbing but it hadn't been because of  Lana.
     Nick wanted Paige.
    He walked across the living room towards her looking at the cleavage poking out from her sundress.  "Whatcha lookin at there Red?"
    "Family photo's.  You wanna see?  Come here and sit down.  I'm at my daughters 2nd birthday party right now.  Come look."  She said and tapped the couch cushion next to her.  Nick walked over and sat down next to her.
     "Oh yeah look at that.  She's cute like her mother."  Nick said and leaned in towards Paige trying to kiss her.  Paige pulled back before he could.
     "Hey, what are you doing?   What about Lana?  She'll be back soon."
     "Not for about a half hour this is a dry county.  Shes got a ways to go.  We have time plus as sexy as you are I'm sure we can get her to join us.  He leaned back in to kiss Paige again and this time she smacked him as she backed away.
     "Alright now, knock it off.  Lana's my friend and I'm not like that.  Anyways I'm married so just back off."  She said staring at him coldly and backing towards the door.
     Nick had his hand on his cheek where she had just hit him.  "You fuckin whore.  I can't believe you hit me.  This is fuckin' happening.  One way or the other."  and he came towards her undoing his pants.  "Easy way or hard way?"  he asked as he cleared his belt through the loops and undid the top button and zipper  still while walking towards her.  Paige ran out of room to back up and backed into the narrow trailers hallway wall.  Her eyes darted towards the door Nick was between her and it.  She was trapped. 
     "OK, ha ha."  She said nervously sliding down the wall away from him but he kept coming closer.   Lets stop now.  You're scaring me."
     "Take off your dress and I'll stop."  he said as he put a hand against the wall pinning her.  "i wanna see whats under there."
      Paige tried to drive her knee into his crotch but he shifted and blocked it with his thigh.
      "You Wiley Lil Bitch!"  he growled and backhanded Paige across the face sending her flying back against the couch.  She fell over the edge and onto the couch.  Nick rushed over and separated her legs ripping off her panties.  That was Paige's last memory.  Her last but not his.


     Nick was struggling to get her dress up and panties off before he exploded with desire.  He needed to have her right now.  Had to.  He wrestled her panties off and jimmied himself in between her legs and pulled his pants down in the front exposing his erection. 
     Then, all the sudden, the struggling stopped.  surprised by this he relaxed and looked down at her. 
     She was looking right back up at him but now with a much different look.  No longer the terrified darting eyes.  There wasn't any fear in that look.  Nick didn't see much of anything in that look. 
      Paige reached her hand in between them and slowly crept down towards his manhood. 
     "Is this what you want big boy?"  She asked, slowly approaching his erect penis with her fingers.    when she reached it she gripped  the shaft and caressed it moving her hand slowly down the shaft to the base and then repositioned her hand and headed lower.
     Nick moaned when her fingertips lightly touched his balls and he eased back a little to give her easier access.
     "Oh you like that don't you?  Is that what you want?"  She asked again while caressing his testicles with her palm and fingertips.   She began to slowly close her hand around them and then suddenly clamped down on them with a force that sucked the air right out of Nicks lungs in a raspy sudden gasp.
     "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!"  Paige screamed squeezing harder and harder.  "DOES THAT MAKE YOU HOT?  AM I STILL SEXY?" 
     She squeezed his balls as hard as she could and she started to feel her nails breaking the soft skin of his balls. 
     "YOU REDNECK, METH-HEAD MOTHERFUCKER!  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!"  She screamed into his face while squeezing even harder.  Once her nails were in real good she suddenly twisted her hand rapidly back and forth trying to rip his sack from his body. 
     "IS IT?  AM I STILL SEXY?"  She screamed into Nick's now purple face.. Then she twisted suddenly and violently at the waist and pulled him as hard as she could towards her and then pushed  him away with her free hand while still gripping him tightly.  Nick stood over her sobbing and holding his bleeding balls.  Before he could react Paige rocked back on the couch and up-kicked him in the jaw sending him backward arms flailing against the opposite wall.
     With the speed and agility of a lioness Paige was up and charging his way before he even slammed into the wall. 
     She lunged her mouth went right down to his genitals and she bit into the head of his penis.  Her teeth easily tearing through the soft skin and then she bit it off and leaped up to her feet and stood over him and spit it in his face.  It bounced off his forehead and rolled next to his left hand. 
    The bastard had passed out.  Probably from pain or maybe it was the impact from the wall.   She hadn't seen if his head had hit wrong  and she didn't care.  She wasn't done yet.
      She quickly scanned the room looking for a weapon or something heavy and her eyes settled on the big tube style 19 inch TV on the ratty little TV stand by the far wall and she headed over to it picked the television up and walked back over to Nick standing over him with it.  Then she raised the television over her head while looking down at her unconscious would-be rapist and  brought the T.V. down forcefully onto Nick's upturned face shattering the TV and Nick's skull at the same time.  When she was sure he was dead she got her picture album and left the little trailer not even looking back at Lana's dead boyfriend.

-- To be continued.

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