How I fell in love with writing fiction.

     I really have come to love writing in a serious way.  I'm not sure of how good I am at it but I love to create story's and worlds using only words.  I love to try to inspire emotion from the things that I write, to dig deep into my mind and try my best to make each character and story stand up on its own and begin to breathe and take on it's own life.  To achieve each artists goal whenever they are creating which is to inspire emotion with our work and hopefully in the process we can be entertaining as well.
     My love of by writing actually began with comedy.  So quite literally all of this actually started out as just a joke. 
     I wrote humor exclusively for quite a long time before ever seriously tackling a more creative and serious style.  I fooled around with fiction every now and then as your probably bound to do when you spend so much of your time pushing around a pen. 
      But I have to admit that I never really became serious in my writing before starting this Blog. 
     This Blog was born from a beginning to a story that I wrote late at night about 5 years ago that has now evolved into the first finished short story here on "Reading Practice".  It was my story about mental illness, betrayal, and redemption "Dark Paige". 
     Dark Paige was the only serious story I had ever put any real effort into besides a ghost story that I wrote for an assignment in my High School English class.   That one my teacher actually liked so much that he convinced me I should submit it and try to have it published in a collection of story's and poems that the literary dept. put out each year with some of their own work as well as the best student written pieces that they had come across over the year. 
     Dark Paige is by far the longest story I have ever written until now and I absolutely loved creating those characters and telling their story and if you read it I hope I was able to tell the story in a way that you enjoyed.
     Far as my poetry goes, I admit that I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing with that. 
     I really don't even know how I started writing poems.  I've never been a huge poetry fan, although I have read some very beautiful ones over the course of my life, but I can't even say I own a single poetry collection not even a single Shel Silverstien book. 
     If my poems offend the intended structure or the rules of that particular writing style it's because I don't have the slightest idea of any of the rules of poetry or types of structures used. 
     Here's how the poetry came to be...I wrote something I thought sounded cool and my Wife read it and she said she loved it and called it a poem.  So I listened to her and went ahead and published it here.  End of story.
     As far as my opinion pieces go, those are so easy that they literally write themselves.   I have no problem with those.
     You see I have a very, very, VERY big mouth and an over abundance of opinions that I'm just dying to share with anyone that will listen to my ramblings.  If you visit my little Blog here you already know all about that.  The great thing about my opinion though is that I may have very strong ones but I am also very aware that I'm almost always wrong so I never take myself to seriously.  but I do have a serious problem keeping my mouth shut.
     I have to tell you that even though the jokes and comedy came first and I love that style very much this creative writing Blog has quickly become my favorite out of my two little Blogs. 
     Don't get me wrong I still love writing comedy but I am quickly coming to also love writing fiction at least just as much as I do the comedy and I think that the newness of this style just makes it a little bit sexier right now than my silly little jokes so I have spent much more of my time over here at Reading Practice. 
     So even if I suck right now I will get plenty of practice writing in this less familiar style because I truly love this Blog so if you've noticed that I have a lot to learn be patient odds are I will eventually get it right or at least get lucky once or twice.
     Thank you all so very much for giving me a chance to tell you a story, or attempt to move you with a poem, or just listen to what I have to say on various issues.   I sincerely appreciate and respect the gift of your time and attention.  And I want you to know that even though you may not like everything that you find during your visits here NOTHING that you you will find here will EVER be half-assed.  I take pride in my work and I will never post anything publicly that I don't believe in and that's a promise.
     Thank you so much for coming here and reading my work!

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