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"Stolen Hearts" Debuts on our little blog today.

     It was hinted at awhile back that a new serial short story was being toyed with for this blog and finally it's here Stolen Hearts premiered today on Reading Practice and a new tale finally begins for our readers.
     I'm going to try to keep this review as spoiler free as I can for you readers so to start with I'd describe Stolen Hearts as a dark and suspenseful tale that grabs you right away and leaves you excited for the next piece of the tale.
     Like Shawn's first story on Reading Practice, 'Dark Paige', 'Stolen Hearts' is also quite dark in it's tone.  Thankfully its plot is just as aggressive, if not more so, than his first tale was so far and this is only the first piece so I for one am excited.  
     So far in the story we have only met a few charachters but already an intense pitch has been set and an interesting story is now in motion here at Reading Practice.  I know I've been vague in my review but like I said, spoiler free.  Click the link below for pat one of 'Stolen Hearts'.  Enjoy!

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