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Stolen Hearts pt1


     Leon stared intently at the radio station's glass double doors waiting for Jasmine to open and walk through them.  He didn't mean to be impatient but tonight was finally their night.  The date he had chosen for their rendezvous had arrived.  Anticipation of their evening together had Leon just a little bit antsy for the end of all the waiting to come, and their evening together he had so meticulously planned out since the very moment that he had chosen her had finally arrived.  It was here at last.  With everything set, and ready, he calmed himself a bit but his eyes remained locked on those glass doors. 
     At last, Jasmine emerged from the radio station.  Leon's heart swelled with joy as he watched his newest love gracefully dance her way down the short flight of concrete stairs to the sidewalk.  His plans for them still a surprise to her but she was clearly happy as if she could somehow sense that this night was going to be special.
     He watched her with rapt and unblinking attention as she shimmied along cheerfully towards her little green SUV.  His eyes never left her as she walked along the sidewalk, her grace and beauty brought out softly in the dim glow of the streetlights.  Her long blond hair trailed her, bouncing slightly in the breeze as she walked. 
     She was by far the prettiest lover he had ever known.  Not by design, he never made his choices based on outward appearance,  her soul had won him over. Her beauty had just been a pleasant and welcome surprise. 
     Always beautiful tonight she was simply radiant as she moved rhythmically to her own internal beat.  She moved with such grace that she almost seemed to be gliding down the sidewalk.  Then, as if she knew he was watching, she twirled elegantly and seemed to curtsy softly just for him before opening the door of her Toyota to head off into the city and on with her night.  That's what she was like.  She had an artists soul. 
     It had been nearly three months since he had first seen her.  Five and a half since he first heard her voice.  He had fallen for her before the end of her broadcast that night he first heard her and somehow even deeper upon first sight.  She was his passions newest, and he believed most special prize.  Tonight he would have her.  The moment that had seduced and evaded him all this time was finally here.  His waiting over, it was their time now.  He promised himself he would cherish every second of it as well.  Locking each moment away deep in his mind to hold onto and nourish forever.
     He tailed her without being noticed, as he had done many times before, as she drove off.  Although her habits were very consistent and she followed the same route every work night.  Tonight was important and he planned to see it all the way through.
     He knew all her stops as well as how long she would linger at each just from knowing her so well, yet he loved pursuing her as she traveled along completely unaware of his presence as he stole every candid glimpse possible of her living out her life before his eyes.  He pursued her same as always and waited patiently while she visited all of her favorite nightly stops on her way home. 
     First stop was Murphy's for a beer with her friends.  He figured Murphy's would be her first stop because they had called towards the end of her show and Leon could tell she wanted to be there.  Plus Murphy's was often her first stop Friday nights.  He waited patiently as they closed down the bar like usual.  After Murphy's it was back behind the wheel and off to the next regular stop at the local Quick Gas for her Menthol's and a Sun Drop.  After Quick Gas Leon and Jasmine would be heading home to her cute little two-story house with the rose colored shutters and stained glass front door nestled neatly in the quiet wooded culdesac at 323 Cherry Court. 


     Leon waited a block away until he was sure he had given her plenty of time to get settled inside her house for the evening and then slowly pulled away from the curb and drove three blocks down turning into the deserted Target parking lot.  He parked near the few other cars actually parked there this late, grabbed his bag from the passenger seat, and got out of his car and began the walk back to Jasmine's house. 
     Cutting through the woods that ran from the west end of Target's parking lot all the way to the love seat style swing in the far corner of her back yard. He crossed the yard creeping slowly towards the back of her house towards the kitchen window he had jimmied open earlier that day.  Sliding
 the window open silently Leon climbed through it into Jasmine's kitchen. 
     He could hear her soft little footsteps upstairs as she prepared for bed while walking place to place settling for bed.  Jasmine undressed slowly during her nightly ritual and right about now Leon imagined she'd be brushing her teeth in her bra.  Next she'd be sliding naked into her big bed with the thick white comforter. 
     He listened quietly and intently as she walked back and forth until she finally settled into bed.  Once he was sure she was finally laying down and settled he pulled his gloves from his coat pockets, put them on, and slid down his white ski-mask.  It was time.  Leon headed upstairs to be with Jasmine.
     Sliding off his sneakers at the bottom of the carpeted stairs he slowly began the climb to Jasmine's bedroom.  He carefully avoided the third step because that's the one that squeaks and he ascended the staircase without making a sound all the way to her bedroom door. 
     Leon stood next to Jasmine's door listening closely to the sounds coming from within her room and to the rhythm of her breathing, waiting for her breaths to settle and steady into a smooth cadence so he could be sure she was asleep.  Surprise was very important to Leon. 
     Once he was sure she was asleep and that they could finally be together he would enter to greet her.  Their moment was so close now he could taste it yet Leon remained calm in spite of his excitement awaiting his moment.  He stood silent and still outside her door just listening intently.  Right as Leon began to think it was just about time to come in the silence was broken when he heard Jasmine's cell phone begin to ring from inside the bedroom.
     "Hello." She said sounding roused from sleep. 
     "No, Tommy.  I left the commercial log right there by the board. I even told you that before I left."  A pause as she listened then, "I swear Tommy, you never listen to me."  There was another short pause as she listened again and then she said in a more aggravated tone.  "G'nite Tommy try to have a good shift, I'm going back to bed." 
     She paused for another second as she listened then added sweetly.  "I love you too fool, I'll see you Monday."
     Again she paused this time for a little longer than before.  Then finally she said in a clearly sterner tone than before,  "Goodnight Tommy, Bye bye now."  he heard the soft little beep the phone made when she pushed end on Tommy's call. 
     Leon figured now she'd watch T.V. to settle back down but she must have drank more at Murphy's than usual cause no T.V. tonight even with the call.  Leon listened closely again making no noise of his own and heard what had to be her putting her phone back on the nightstand by her bed and roll back over once again getting settled in to go back to sleep.
     Again he waited for her breathing to slow so he knew she was finally asleep.  It took longer this time.  Finally her breathing slowed and she began that cute soft snoring of hers.   Once Leon heard that he was sure she was finally sleeping so he slowly and silently opened Jasmine's bedroom door and stepped inside.
     He stood over her watching her sleep.  Watching her inhale and exhale her very last breaths.  At this point they were few enough to count.  He studied her sleeping form.  Watching her like this he felt as though he was breathing with her.  Breathing as one with her.  It was a very intimate experience.  Leon cherished this moment right before the end.  It was a magical and special moment.  Life is never so pure and meaningful as it is at the moment right before it is snuffed out forever.
    He stood and watched her sleep for a little while longer and then he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a small black rectangle box.  Inside was a large needle in 2 pieces.  Leon assembled it and then reached into a different pocket pulling out a small vial with a white label.  He inserted the needle into the vial and filled the needles reservoir with the liquid.

To be continued...

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