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RJ, Jr Greatest boxer ever, pound for pound, of all time..,

Roy Jones Jr. was born January 16, 1969.  A professional championship boxer who has held 8 championship belt and the first boxer in 106 years to start as a ___ and win the Heavyweight title.

 Jones has captured numerous championships in the Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions throughout his career and defended up to 4 belts at a time in his prime..

 And the only champion to fight an entire championship round with out being hit a single time according to compu box totals since punches we're first kept track of.

The incomparable, greatest championship or even fighter ever pound for pound of all time. 

Roy Jones, Jr.

As an amatuer  Jones won the 1984 United States National Junior Olympics in the 119 lb weight division, and the 1986 United States National Golden Gloves in the 139 lb division and in 1987 the United States National Golden Gloves in the 156 lb division.

He ended his amatuer career with a 121-13 record.

Jones represented the United States at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, where he won the silver medal after having been completely robbed of the Gold by the Judges in what was clearly a undisputablre dominant victory that tainted the image of the Olympic games it was so outrageous.



. He dominated all his opponents, never losing a single round throughout the final. Then lost a 3-2 decision to South Korean fighter Park Si-Hun despite pummeling Park for three rounds, and landing 54 more punches than Park's 32.

Park himself even publicly apologized to Jones after the awards debacle, the referee also told Jones that he was shocked by the judge's decision.

One judge shortly thereafter admitted to the press that the decision was a mistake.

All three of the judges who voted against Jones were suspended. 

But, Boxing's greatest ever was robbed of his rightful Gold medal, it seemed his whole career went that way as well.  People never wanted to admit what was happening.

A fighter with a natural gift from God and athleticism and skill completely unparalleled in boxing or even sports I hope the payoff was worth tarnishing not only the Olympic games itself but also the legacy of the greatest boxer of all time. 

The Olympic judges were obviously bribed but the sporting community and boxing analysts?

Could I possibly be watching the same fights?  What I saw was a man who moved with physic animalystic speed like a cat or a fighting rooster like the kind Roy Raises on his ____ in ____.


There was an official IOC investigation concluding in 1997 found that three of the judges were wined and dined by some South Korean officials.

This discovery led to calls for Jones to be awarded a gold medal, but the IOC still officially stands by the judges original bribed decision, despite the allegations and witnesses or anyone with eyes who has seen the fight.

Jones was instead awarded the Val Barker trophy as the best stylistic boxer of the 1988 games.  It is said Roy was devastated by the _____ and almost quit boxing.  He turned pro though having  already sparred with many of the best professional boxers of the time, including Sugar Ray Leonard.

Jones began his professional career on May 6, 1989, knocking out Ricky Randall in 2 rounds in his hometown of Pensacola Florida at the Bayfront Auditorium. 

 On November 18, 1994, he was set to face undefeated IBF super middleweight champion James Toney, #1 ranked "pound for pound" contender.

Toney was undefeated in 46 bouts and rated the best pound for pound in the world. The Jones/Toney fight was ultra-hyped, and Jones for the first time in his career was the underdog.

Over the course of the 12-round unanimous decision, Jones demonstrated his greatness.

He danced circles around Toney, scoring a flash knockdown in the third round. Ring magazine called Jones' performance the most dominant of any big fight in 20 years..,  

Jones defended his super middleweight title successfully multiple times. He began the year by knocking out Antoine Byrd in round one. He faced former world lightweight champion Vinny Pazienza and defeated him in round six. He then beat Tony Thornton in round two by KO. In 1996, Jones maintained his winning ways, defeating Merqui Sosa by knockout in two, and future world champion Eric Lucas in round 11.


The 40 year old former multiple world champion and eventual hall of famer Mike McCallum was defeated by a wide decision in 12 rounds. Jones became a member of boxing's exclusive group of world champions in three weight divisions by winning the WBC light heavyweight championship. After Mike McCallum lost the World Boxing Council light heavyweight crown to Roy Jones, he called Jones ``the greatest fighter of my time.'` In 1997 Jones had his first professional loss, a disqualification against Montell Griffin.

Griffin jumped out to an early lead on Jones but by round 9 Jones was ahead on the scorecards by a point and had Griffin on the canvas early in round nine. But as Griffin took a knee on the canvas to avoid further punishment, Jones hit him twice. Subsequently, Jones was disqualified and lost his title. Jones sought an immediate rematch and regained the world light heavyweight title easily, knocking Griffin down within the first 2 minutes 31 seconds of the fight, then ending the fight by knocking Griffin out just over two minutes in with a leaping left hand shot.

In 1998, Jones began by knocking out Virgil Hill, he followed Hill with a win against the WBA light heavyweight champion, Lou Del Valle, by decision in 12 on July 18, to unify the WBC and WBA belts.

Jones had to climb off the canvas for the first time in his career, as he was knocked down in the eighth, but he continued to out box Del Valle masterfully throughout the rest of the fight and won a unanimous decision. Jones then followed with a defense against Otis Grant, and knocked Grant out in ten rounds.

By this time in his career it became clear that Roy was growing frustrated with not being respected and acknowledged as the best fighter of all time.  Boxing analysts claimed he hadn't fought anyone and any one could see it was eating at Roy and he had and still has a burning desire inside of a true Champion to be the best and cement his legacy as the greatest ever.  this has been his downfall in my opinion.

2000 began with Jones easily beating the hard-punching David Telesco via a 12 round decision on January 15, at Radio City Music Hall to retain the light heavyweight world championship. With a broken wrist. 

Jones reportedly fractured his wrist a few weeks before this fight and fought almost exclusively one-handed. He entered the ring surrounded by the famous group of dancers, The Rockettes. His next fight was also a first-time boxing event for a venue, as he traveled to Indianapolis and retained his title with an 11-round TKO over Richard Hall at the Conseco Fieldhouse. Jones ended the year with a 10-round stoppage of undefeated Eric Harding in New Orleans.

He had the number one contender Telesco hooting like an Owl and completely rattled and upset that Jones made him look like a beginner on the national stage.  telesco wasn't beaten he was humiliated.

 Then In 2001, Jones released a rap CD.

Also that year he retained the title against Derrick Harmon by a knockout in ten, and against future world champion Julio César González of Mexico by a 12-round unanimous decision.

2002 saw, Jones retain his title knocking out Glen Kelly in seven and defeating future world champion Clinton Woods by TKO.

Jones from the heavywieght defeat of John Ruiz

On March 1, 2003, in Las Vegas Roy Jones defeated John Ruiz, the man who defeated Evander Holyfield, for the WBA heavyweight title. Jones officially weighed in at 193 lb and Ruiz at 226 lb. Jones became the first former middleweight title holder to win a heavyweight title in 106 years. Jones also became the first fighter to start his career as a junior middleweight and win a heavyweight title.

This is when Roy should have retired.

When Larry Merchant drunkenly asked interviewed him he should have retired 49-1.  He did not retire though.  he still boxes at the championship level today at 43 years of age and just won the UBO Inter-Continental Cruiser weight title Championship belt in his fifth weight class.

He regained the light heavyweight championship belt by beating Antonio Tarver.

Doing that, Jones, Jr became only  the second boxer in boxing history to ever win a heavyweight title, and then regain the light heavyweight title.

Jones won  the first Tarver fight decidedly by majority decision.

On May 15, 2004, Jones faced Tarver in a rematch he never should have done.  Tarver one should have been my boxing hero's last fight. Go out breaking a record.  Fk the rigged Olympics, The BS loss to Griffen, the problems with his original trainer, Roy Jones Sr., his father.

Jones was heavily favored to win the fight, but Anthony Tarver knocked him down at 1:41 of the second round, honestly by raw power and pure stroke of luck.

Jones had won the first round decidedly, Handing Tarver's ass to him rhythmically and Tarver only having landed two measly punches at all in the first round. 

Honestly the clean shot that knocked Roy hard at first was really just a lucky wild shot by Tarver that Had luckily landed both perfect and solid.  It was over after that shot.  The rest of the fight a warriors muscles were moving on reflex and memory.  Roy was out when he got up the first time.  It was as hard as I'd ever seen hit hit.

Jones had tried a combination,then  got caught off guard, and was rocked by a huge counter left hook by Tarver.

Jones got on his feet by the count, but for the first time in his career he was ruled unable to continue by the referee.

On September 25, 2004, Jones attempted to win the IBF light heavyweight title from Glen Johnson in a match in Memphis, Tennessee. Johnson knocked out Jones 49 seconds into the ninth round. It was scary how out cold Johnson knocked him out.  It was still the Tarver lucky Left Hook that made Jones lay on the canvas for three minutes after being counted out.

For any Jones fan or God forbid his family it was horrific.  He fell still and flat like a board and just layed shaking and convulsing.

He fights to this day.  After the knockouts and the ring scare Jones came back simply because he's a bad ass and determined to be remembered for what he is I guess even if he has to fight at 50. His next fights went like this,


Prince Badi Ajamu


Boise, US

W UD 12


WBO NABO Light Heavyweight Title







Anthony Hanshaw


Biloxi, US

W UD 12


vacant International Boxing Council Light Heavyweight Title







Felix Trinidad


New York, US

W UD 12


Joe Calzaghe


New York, US

L UD 12


Omar Sheika


Pensacola, US



vacant WBO NABO Light Heavyweight Title







Jeff Lacy


Biloxi, US

W RTD 10


WBO NABO Light Heavyweight Title







Danny Green


Sydney, AU



International Boxing Organization Cruiserweight Title







Bernard Hopkins


Las Vegas, US

L UD 12


Denis Lebedev


Moscow, RU

L KO 10




Record to Date

Won 54 (KOs 40)

Lost 8

Drawn 0

Total 62

I saw the January 19, 2008 fight on PPV, Jones faced former 147 and 154 pound five-time world champion Félix Trinidad at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The bout was fought at a catch weight of 170 lbs. Jones had a noticeable size and speed advantage, and in round seven, a short right hand to the temple dropped Trinidad to his knees. Jones fired a combination in the tenth round to send Trinidad down once more. Jones won the fight by scores of 117-109 and 116-110 (twice). This was the first time a former heavyweight champion returned to fight successfully at 170 lbs. It was a great fight and I won 420.  But I can't lie I was worried the entire time.  Felix Trinidad is strong, skilled, and dangerous and Roy Jone Jr is special.

Roy Jones Jr vs Joe Calzaghe for The Ring light heavyweight championship in New York City at Madison Square Garden on September 20, 2008 on HBO PPV. 

Toughest S.O.B. alive RJ, Jr

Calzaghe claimed injury to his right hand in training, so the fight had to be postponed a couple of weeks, with November 8 being set as the new date. Calzaghe was knocked down by an accidental forearm and cut on the bridge of the nose in the first round.

Calzaghe resumed control almost immediately and dominated Jones throughout the remainder of the fight. Calzaghe toyed with Jones and mocked him from the center of the ring, daring Jones to try and hit him and then countering with fast combinations.

Jones claims Calzaghe's hands were illegally taped up and that when Roy's camp wanted them checked the ___ officials had denied and told Jones fight as is or forfeit.

Ultimately Jones lost by unanimous decision, winning only 2 rounds on the 3 official judges cards. Jones defeated Omar Sheika on March 21, 2009, via fifth-round technical knockout.

On August 15, 2009, Jones beat former super middleweight champion Jeff Lacy in 10 rounds after Lacy's corner stopped the fight. Lacy had never been knocked out or stopped before. In December 2009 Danny Green defeated Jones in a first round TKO. Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins met in a rematch bout, on April 3, 2010 in Las Vegas. Hopkins was awarded with a unanimous decision.

On May 21, 2011 Denis Lebedev stopped Roy Jones Jr. with 10 seconds remaining in the 10th and final round of what had been a competitive cruiser weight fight and many ringside observers felt Jones Jr. was ahead on the scorecards.

They're aren't many athletes that make their sport look as graceful as a dance.  I know of Micheal Jordan, Roy Jones Jr, and like Barry Sanders and like ten other people ever.

Living legend and best boxer of all time,
8 time boxing champion,
throughout five wieght classes,
 Roy Jones Jr

I love watching my entire collection of Roy's fights and can't wait to share him with my son's.

It's sad they can't acknowledge what he is but Roy's clearly a badass and plans to make them see, like he always has.


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