Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stolen Hearts pt3


     Leon only sat on the park bench quietly, secretly calm and weirdly even relaxed.  He kept on hiding his eyes that allowing them to get great angles to search the large open field in front of him and watch the different people.  Mostly the girls. 
     He sat pretending to read as he watched and studied all of the different beautiful girls as they went about their activities at the park that day. Just admiring the pretty girls, and anyone else who attracted his attention as he soaked in everything he observed in the busy field and enjoyed his view.
     Leon lazily scanned every detail of the huge grass and oval park field and stored it away, all the best images and memories for later use, but mostly he just watched them as he pretended to read the yellow hardcover novel as he did most days lately.  Alone, somewhere public, hiding his eyes and watching the different women, always searching.  He seemed to be hunting now, all of the time actually. Much more than before, even before he had been chosen, it seemed his work with the chosen souls had just completely consumed him these days. 
     With his memories of Jasmine still vivid in his mind, still the drive in him craved more.  With no clear agenda on his mind at all just looking, only because he was always just compelled to observing all women everywhere he went.  But he was always being careful not to overlook a good one and also always waiting to be called out to by the next chosen soul and heart in his collection.
     None of the women were grabbing his attention today, so he decided to head towards the art museum up the hill nearby, to people watch there awhile instead.  So he closed the book he wasn't reading and got up from his bench to head up the small hill towards the city art museum. 
     As he walked up the big hill he continued to passively observe the women, he saw a pretty and petite brunette with a ponytail laughing as she talked on her cell phone, and a sexy young Nanny or maybe she was just a really hot young Milf pushing a double stroller.  Her perfect breasts bulged perkily inside her nearly too tight but just right baby doll t-shirt.  Her boobs almost seemed too perfect to be real but as she passed Leon acknowledged that her ass looked great too. 
     He saw two teenage girls texting and giggling, one of them was even cute in her tight little blue sweater, and plaid skirt.  The cute ones legs were crossed over double like hot chicks do with her sexy bare feet entwined together.  He noticed she was sexy but knew there was no way she was quite legal yet so, diverting his eyes from the sexy underage girl, Leon headed into the Museum. 
     No one had really called out to him.  Not yet.
     A tour was forming as he entered the museum and his eyes fell immediately on an adorable petite girl in a museum uniform that was exactly his type.  It seemed to Leon the adorable curvy beauty was going to be the little tours guide.  He decided to join the small tour group, and watched her while waiting for the tour to start. 

     She wore a tan jacket over a white button-up shirt and a short yet still professional pleated skirt.  Below that were white stockings that ended with an inch strap of lace in the middle of her upper thigh and sexy strappy shoes that laced above the ankle on her tiny feet.  Pinned to her jacket her name tag said the words Tour Guide right above her name which read, "Katie".
     Katie wore her blond hair short and it curled in just below her ears.  He usually liked longer hair but the short look worked on her.  She wore these big gold hoop earrings and her make-up was very light and tasteful even with the bright and sexy shade of red she was wearing on her lips.
     She was slightly a thick girl like he liked but Katie was leaning more towards the thin side of thick than fat but still full and curvy.  Her large breasts filled her white button up uniform top completely and her cleavage peeked out slightly just above the top button of her blouse.  She dropped her pencil and when she bent to get it he also noticed just how filled out the rear end of her skirt was too.
     Yes, she was exactly his type from her petite curvaceous body all the way down to her small librarian style glasses that she wore and even the cute way that she chewed on the end of her pencil while playing with her hair.  Leon grew more and more aroused as he watched her.  He had known instantly that he wanted her and each minute he wanted her more.
     Leon watched as Katie spit her gum into a Kleenex from her purse and threw it away.  Then she slid her pencil behind her ear and approached the little 7 person group with her clipboard out in front of her ready to take charge of her days first tour.
     "Welcome to our tour of the City Museum.  My name's Katie and I will be showing you all of what our great museum has to offer you today and answering any questions.", she said and motioned towards the entrance, "Follow me and we'll begin our journey through our museum." Katie said very business like and then began her little group on their tour through the museum.


    Detective Wilmes awoke to the blaring ring of the phone on his nightstand table.

     "Hello."  he grumbled into the receiver as he clumsily put it to his ear.
     "Noel?" an older woman's voice replied seeming concerned.  "Is that you?"
     "Yes Mother, it's me."  He said and took a cigarette from his now empty pack of smokes and lit it before saying, "Is everything OK?"
     "Well yes, here, are you just waking up Noel?"
     Great, he thought, another lecture from his elderly Mother.  It must be Saturday morning.

     He went through the motions assuring her he was fine as he had every Saturday morning since his Father had died.  Once she was satisfied he poured his breakfast from the bourbon bottle and used it to chase down the rest of his breakfast, four white aspirin.
     The files from the murders were all still laid out where he'd left them on the table in his filthy kitchen.  He robotically thumbed through them for the thousandth time without even really looking at any of them while his breakfast was still trying to cut through his mind-numbing hangover.  The thought had crossed his mind again as it sometimes did that he should go ahead and take the early retirement.  He had been thinking that ever since his Dad had died actually because of the fact that he had felt nothing when he did.  He was very close with his father but his years in homicide had numbed him.  He hadn't even realized how much so until the funeral. 
     It made him feel like he was losing his soul, like he had become a robot, to not feel a thing.  There laid his father and Noel didn't feel a thing.  As he stood over his body to pay his respects his mind had actually even wandered to the Romeo case.  Everyone was crying and somewhere inside he was sure he had to be sad but no feelings rose in him at all.
     It was time to retire.  But not before stopping this killer.  This would be the last one because even though he had forgotten how to feel, one thing his father had taught him had stuck, and that was to finish what you started.
     His liquor and aspirin cocktail finally began to cut it's way through the haze of his hangover, he refilled his drink and began his day off just like everyone since the first girl with a missing heart, by working.


     Leon really had to admit, Katie actually led a very interesting tour, then again he had also always really loved the museum.  But even with as many times as he'd been he had never actually taken a tour before.  She was a good tour guide but he was also infatuated with her deeply, almost instantly.  
     He scanned her body studying her while she led the group.  Presenting the museums exhibits and explaining each of them to the two little boys in their group especially, even a lot of the exhibits to the elderly man with the large hearing aid that, despite its size didn't seem to help him hear Katie very well at all.  The old mans bad hearing just gave Leon more time to take her sexy curvaceous frame in and study her piece by piece.
     Every time she would bend over to tell one of the boys something about an exhibit or show them a dinosaur her butt pulled her short uniform skirt up a tiny bit and revealed even more of her thick but athletic thighs and her skirt even tightened too and defined her pantie line.  Her uniform was at least a size too small but on her body it was sexy and made her appear more ample, full and curvy and even hotter even in the bland cream color of the suit she looked amazing.
     Leon yearned for her and stole his glances and peeks at every opportunity.
     The tour was extensive and long as well.  About halfway through they stopped near the butterfly gardens to sit and have lunch in a small park on the museum grounds with a little playground area and picnic tables. 
     A small brick building with Men and Women's restroom and a water fountain was nearby and next to that little building was a large black park style iron barbecue grill.  Katie was bent over the water fountain and away from the group.
     Leon seized his opportunity and approached her as she filled her water bottle in the fountain outside the brick bathrooms.
     "Hello Katie."  Leon said as he approached her.  "This garden area is quite beautiful."
     Katie looked up at the handsome older yet quiet and observant gentleman from the tour, "Hi.", she said putting her hand out to shake the older mans hand, "It really is.  You know my name but I don't know yours.", She said coyly and caught herself flirting heavily with the man right away, she pulled it back a little and smiled.
     "I'm Leon, Katie.", he said flirting back with her.  Then he added excitedly as if sharing a great secret, "Come around to the side and let me show you something I found over there that I bet even you don't know about."
     "I'm afraid I know this whole place pretty well Leon.", She answered and caught herself pushing her chest out towards him again.
     "Well, you haven't seen this.", He took her by the hand and she came willing and without hesitation around to the blind side of the small brick building with Leon.
     Once he had her out of sight from all the others that were eating their lunches and playing he turned and pulled her in to him close and said,  "I think your so beautiful Katie.  You're the only reason I took this tour."
     Katie was a little nervous by the sexy older mans forwardness but also very aroused and blushed at what he had said and told him seductively, "I was glad you did, I saw you come in earlier and I noticed you right away because your just my type, I kinda have a thing for sexy older men."
     "I was hoping you felt the same way Katie", Leon said and guided her back a few steps against the wall.  He leaned in slowly as to kiss her but just as his lips approached hers and her eyes were closed he pulled the large hunting knife from behind his back and thrust it deeply into her to the hilt while he kissed her.  He pulled her closer and embraced her as he thrust the 8 inch blade into her over and over while kissing her.  
     He whispered to her as he drove it into her again and again saying things like, "I want to keep you forever Katie, you are so sexy right now as you give yourself to me."
     He kissed both her eyelids sweetly as she cried and drifted slowly away becoming weaker and going limp.
     Leon looked around the wall and pushed the blade deep inside her and twisted the hilt he could see they weren't missed yet. 
     As he checked on their privacy Katie slipped away and her mind went to her last conversation she had with her Dad a week ago the day she had told him she was pregnant. 
     She remembered how he had just sat there in his chair and cried as her Mom talked until he finally just stood up and told her, before leaving the room that she had ruined her whole future. 
     That was the last thing she had heard from her father and as her life slipped away forever it ended up being her last memory as well.  Leon drove the huge knife into her one last time and Katie slipped away and she died and went limp. 
     Leon Hugged her softly, and kissed her on her forehead lovingly, then dropped her, and let her fall limply to the concrete sidewalk that ran around the entire brick bathroom building. He bent and removed her earrings and bedazzled cell phone for souvenirs and headed through the back exit of the park area into another entrance to the museum away from the sexy dead tour guide.

...To be continued


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