The birth of my love of reading

     I was grounded to my room when I read my very first "real" novel.  I was about 14 years old and up until then I had only read 'Choose your own adventure' and 'Joke' books.  I read my first full length, absolutely no pictures, full length, real novel while serving a week long stretch in my bedroom cell. 
     I don't remember why I was grounded all I remember is that it was to my room with nothing for a solid week and I remember which book it was.  That first novel was "Misery" by Stephen King, and before my prison time was through I had devoured it and I had also fell in love with reading.
     Before that week I had no interest at all in reading whatsoever.  I had too many cool toys plus let's not forget my first and longest lasting obsession, Girl's.  But I knew I was facing a week long sentence stuck in my room with no games, TV, or even radio at all and I knew I had to have something to dull the crushing boredom so out of options I turned to my school's library.
     I found the popular fiction paperback section and honestly the only name I recognized was King's and the cover art of the book reminded me of Metallica's Kill Em All album cover so I chose Misery out of the "huge" selection of like 20 paperbacks that they had. 
     My book in hand I was on my way down a path that I still haven't reached the end of and I hope that I never do because the scenery along the way is amazing.  From that moment on I was hooked and completely in love with reading.
     Thank you Dad for grounding me for whatever it was I had done.  I'm sure I deserved it and if you hadn't brought that hammer down I might be working the fryer at McDonalds today instead of pursuing my dream of being a writer and let us not forget a huge thank you to the author who started eased me into the literary waters, my favorite author to this day Mr. Stephen King.

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