Saturday, January 07, 2012

Dammit, I forgot to be offended again?

     This posts title could also be it's first sentence because I really do forget about other peoples different little hang-ups all of the time and will accidentally offend others simply because I honestly forgot that some lifestyles and activities actually offend certain people. 
     I think I tend to forget because what other people do, whether I agree with it or not, just doesn't really bother me at all.  I hardly ever even think about what others are doing.  I am already pretty occupied with my own mess to have room for much else so I just simply forget.   
     I don't only forget because the things bothering others just don't concern me though, I mean that's a big part of it sure, but I think the real reason I forget so easily is because I was blessed with a HORRIBLE memory.  I say blessed because I'm an emotionally driven person.  If I'm mad, I'm completely mad I feel all my emotions 100%.  So luckily I also quickly forget most of the things that upset me so I can carry on living without blowing a fuse.  

     So while a bad memory has plenty of downfalls in daily life at least it provides me quick relief from the rage and frustration caused by the many annoyances in this life.  But as a result I often put my foot directly in my mouth by constantly forgetting what I'm not supposed to say or do, like having the audacity to actually form my own opinions and think for myself.      I'm just a very open-minded person.  I don't mean to offend the uptight its just so damn easy to do.  You can do it without trying at all.  I accidentally offend uptight people all the time.  I am constantly saying things that strike right to the core of the uptight.  But that's bound to happen when you are even slightly intelligent in a world filled to it's very brim with morons. 
     I don't mean to feel differently than the masses do I just find it very difficult to blindly insert the bullshit being sold to us by all these close minded morons into my mind without questioning it.  I am unfortunately very fond of forming my own educated opinions.  I may be weird but I actually like to think for myself.
     I'm really sorry for the unpopularity of feeling this way but I am open to anything another human being might want to do in this life if it brings them happiness.  I believe that if another persons lifestyle or activities don't affect me directly or hurt anyone then whatever they are doing is actually none of my business or concern.  I really just cannot understand wanting to keep another person from what makes them happy just because you happen to take offense with what they may be doing.  You firmly believe that what that person is doing is wrong and it kills you that they just go right on doing it anyway and just simply knowing that they manage to continue living as they choose against your wishes just eats you alive.
     Here's a few tips to help the uptight ease a little of their frustration.  First you really just need to get the fk over yourself.  Accept the fact that you are not life's sole authority on right and wrong and keep your opinions to yourself.  Or carry around a pillow to scream into instead of bothering others with your particular hang-ups.  Try to mind your own damn business for once and hide your stupidity by keeping your big fat mouth closed.  Make an effort to focus only on the important things in life. 
     And now the single greatest tip I can try to squeeze through the airtight steel doors of your tiny little closed up minds...Actively seek out your own happiness in life so you can stop trying to squelch out the happiness of others.  Look inwards for a change and search your soul for whatever it is that's missing in you that is making you so angry and resentful and go after it. 
     I think you will quickly find that finding what truly makes you happy in life will end up being infinitely more rewarding than trying to steal the happiness of others.  Just focus on your own life and let others live theirs. 
     It's okay to disagree with what they may choose to do that's perfectly fine but don't let their lifestyle consume you and ruin yours and also don't ever judge them for their choices.  God will take care of all of that for us.  He is the only true judge.  Man doesn't have the right to judge man.  So just leave the judging to God find what makes you happy and pursue it and along the way just try your best to be a good person.  I promise you will be so much happier or at the very least much less annoying.

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