Monday, November 07, 2011

Kiss Me Baby

Kiss me.
     Kiss me baby, don't wait just kiss me here, right now.  I don't care if people see soon they won't be here so kiss me baby and make them go away.  just kiss me even harder, deeper, don't ever stop.  Just kiss me baby and we'll just let the world around us melt away. 
     Let them stare it doesn't matter.  Kiss me and they fall away.  I want you to explore me.  Caress me firmly with intention so I can feel your desire.  Kiss me over and over with those soft, and sultry, sexy lips. Let me lose myself within you, hold you close against my skin.  Kiss me endlessly forever.  make times hold upon us fade. 

     I want to hear you moan in that breathy, seductive way. So kiss me baby. Kiss me deeply, and never ever be through.
     Just kiss me for as long as we can stand it. Till one of us begs out for more. Then I want to whisper "not yet baby" and kiss you just a little more. 
     Just kiss and kiss and kiss till we both nearly black out from the raw pleasure and pure sexual arousal of it all.  And eventually, when we just can't take it anymore, make love to me. Make love to me hard. I mean someone might get hurt, do you remember the safe word hard.  Remind me I'm alive.

     I LOVE kissing. Absolutely positively LOVE it. I could kiss for days on end. It's just such a deep physical and emotional connection when filled with love. Like two intertwining souls dancing together.  The intimacy can be explosive. 

     Actually, you know what, right now all I want to do is just that. 
     Gotta go baby's lips are calling.

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