Sunday, September 25, 2011

God's Crowning Achievement - The Woman

God definately put serious thought into Adam's companion.  It's his crowning masterpiece among millions of masterpieces.  All of Gods creations contain at least some beauty but with the female form you can see he took his time.  Our bodies as men aren't ugly but you can see that we are built with more of a practical intent.  But God made women especially for men and you can see his love for man in their beauty and grace and just clear attention to every little detail.

Even in plastic form the female form is exquisite.  I love to look at the female body, I can't stop studying every inch of it.  Its facinating how even the parts of the body we share like legs, feet, ass, and even breasts and nipples are so similar in functionality and different in appearance as well as touch and smell.
We really do owe God in a big, big way for his creation of the woman.  Thank you so much for making women the beautiful, sexual creatres that you did God.  You truly blessed us men with the woman Lord.  On behalf of all men I thank you.

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