Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Racism, stupidity's faithful companion

     Racism has got to be the stupidest emotion and source of hate there is.  I can't think of any other simple minded hang-ups as retarded as hating people simply because of their race.  I can think of tons of great reasons to hate pretty much every person you can think without ever having to resort to just wanting to hate so bad but being too stupid to find real targets for my hate so I simply resort to colors to make my hate simple for my slow inbred brain to keep up with.  Racism is a hate system that also doubles as a family tradition.  Generation to generation this base-less idiotic hate is faithfully passed on from old moron to the fresh batch of idiots.  To this day racism amazingly still carries on and as tight of a hold as the stupid have on this thoughtless hate system it probably always will.   
     Thankfully its very easy to spot the imbeciles who are filled up with racist hate deeply embedded in their tiny starving minds because they are proud of the racial prejudices and hate for anyone different and are more than willing to share their racism with others at every opportunity.  Absolutely nothing that someone could possibly do can plummet my opinion of  them more rapidly than finding out they are an ignorant racist.  I hate stupid people but I loathe ignorant racists.

     Racism is a moronic.  Skin color means absolutely nothing and in no way effects who that person is on the inside.  People are just people and all of us are different in all kinds of different ways but those differences in no way determines the worth of a person or raise and lower their status and value based on where they fall on the color spectrum.  Its so stupid in fact that the only feeling racism should incite in rational people is at most pity for these tragically dense inbred racist hicks for having to trudge through life being so incredibly stupid and hateful.
     So in closing I guess my message is I think as a whole we all know racism is an irrational hate felt by the very stupid and as of yet there is no cure for stupidity so until there is racist idiots will walk among us.  All we can really do is avoid them once they reveal themselves as complete morons.  When they do don't get upset be thankful there is one less person you have to acknowledge now and go on your way.   Don't let morons upset you.  I mean seriously they are fkn morons after all so just log away the info of the new moron you met today so you can properly avoid contact coming back into contact with their intense stupidity ever again.
    So whether your white, black, purple or any other color just be thankful your also not a hate filled moronic fool and find happiness in that blessing and enjoy your life.  As for the racists I say fk em they're morons.  I know I don't give a steaming pile of shit about the opinions  of a stupid ass fool and neither should anyone else.  Quit valuing the views of idiots and just deal with stupid idiots until science can find a cure or at least discover a way to remove the stupid gene and prevent it from being passed on finally ending the curse of the stupid finally bringing an end to racism once and for all.

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