Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Fore Father's

      I'm so sick of people telling us what the Fore Fathers stood for and wanted.   I'm pretty sure the Fore Fathers are the most misquoted and misrepresented group of guys in our entire history.   Every single conservative always wants to fall back on the damn Fore Fathers claiming to know what their meanings, intentions, even their wishes and hopes were for an America over 200 years in the future.
      I'm not really concerned with arguing interpretations of what our country's founder's vision and intentions were because quite frankly who the hell cares what they thought?   Not only was that a completely different time worlds apart from today's but were talking about a group of men who had the audacity to write a document demanding fair treatment and freedom when most of them were slave owners.   So why in the hell should I care or waste any time at all wondering what some powdered wig wearing, under-educated, slave owner that lived over 200 years ago and knows nothing of today's world wanted or thought.   I shouldn't and I don't.
      I appreciate what they did then and accomplished towards founding this country because I love America.   I'm not putting them down don't get me wrong.  All I'm saying is the people quoting them don't know what in the hell they wanted or know for sure any of their intentions or visions were.  And even if they did it wouldn't be relevant today anyway.
      If these hypocrites really followed the Founding Fathers beliefs marijuana would be legal today because practically all of them grew and smoked it.   Hemp was used for many things in that time. Thomas Jefferson even wrote often in his journals about how much he loved to smoke weed.  Plus are you really gonna tell me Ben Franklin wasn't stoned when he flew that kite.   What do you think they'd say when they realized we outlawed their pot?
      All I'm really saying is no one knows what George, Ben and Tom would say if they were here today.   I bet they'd be doing a lot of mumbling in the fetal position because they wouldn't even recognize today's world.  When they lived it was a much different time and a completely different world.   Here's a crazy thought for our great leaders, how about you learn to think and speak for yourselves.   Maybe with practice you could even begin to form practical relevant ideas of your very own but probably not.  Why think when all you have to do is satisfy the corporations and interests that are lining your pockets? 
     Our leaders are hypocrites.  They don't care about the fate of our nation.  If they did then why don't they actually do whats right for the fate of the world and protect our children's futures?   Oh, that's right that's not nearly as profitable as bleeding dry our resources and reaming your own citizens for personal gain.

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