Saturday, October 08, 2011

Someone should really step in...

     Some people just simply have no business having children but it seems a lot of them do anyway and no one can do anything to stop them.  You need a license to fish but anyone is allowed to create life.  We don't even hold them responsible to mold and guide that life once they've created it.  We just hope for the best and ignore the worst.
     I see these children with worthless parents and I just want to rescue them.  They don't deserve what they have been saddled with as unloved children.  Children deserve the love and care of their parents.  They need it.  I will never be able to comprehend denying basic human needs to my own flesh and blood.
     These neglectful parents are monsters in human form.  Demons.  What they do to these young lives is as unforgivable as it is unfathomable.  They are forming a human being in the image of all their worst flaws and failures.  Resenting them for their youth and stealing their innocence away from them.  Its mind boggling to me because even if they don't feel the love you should feel for your child don't they at least realize that's an actual person with real feelings that they are unloading their garbage on?
     You know your worthless long before you have sex so take Bob Barker's advice and get yourself fixed but if you don't want to take that leap at least wear 3 condoms.  Please don't spread your seed, and if you accidentally do at least have the good sense to realize you have no business raising a life while not being able to run your own so give that poor soul up for adoption and give that child an actual chance in life. 
     Life is hard enough without some train wreck fkn you up before life even starts kicking your ass.  To have your innocence and childhood just taken from you.  To start out in the red just because of bad luck in the parental lottery.
     Society has got to step in and actually do something instead of just pandering that we care, fkn CARE.  We as a people have got to save these children.  They are our future and we owe it to them to protect them.  There comes a time when looking away becomes a sin and we've passed it.  Step up!

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