Saturday, October 08, 2011


     I am passion.  I am pain.  I am pleasure.  I am love.  I'm confused and don't know why.

     I have won but am a loser.  I am wonderful.  I am numb.  And that in itself is hell.

     I connect with those I love.  Plug deep into their soul.  I become what I resent till I resent myself as well.

     I'm a sinner.  I feel guilt.  Ive torn down every good thing I have built.

     I have dreams and they are me.  Everything I want will never be.  I'm amazing.  Everything I am has been a lie.

     I love everything I've done it made me who I am.  Take every regret and kiss them all goodbye.

     I am me and that is all I can or want to be.

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