Thursday, September 29, 2011

I wanna be a quitter.

I want to quit. 
I need to quit. 
Why can't I just quit?

      It is crazy how addictive cigarettes are. I was so stupid to start this nasty little habit at 13yrs old, to impress a girl no less, but I've been doing this stupid habit for over 20 years since then and for what?
      All these stupid cigarettes even do is feed the damn addiction that they cause. So if I could just stop smoking the stupid things I wouldn't even need them. 
      So why do they own me?  Am I really so weak that I just can't stop doing this to my body and wallet?  
      I'd like to think I'm not but I've tried to quit many times and I still have one lit right now as we speak so you tell me.
The damn things are just too easy to get. They are everywhere. 
     Your trying to quit and you have to face your addiction every time you just wanna buy some gas or a soda or even groceries. A whole damn wall of these addictive little poison sticks just stare back at you saying while your trying to pay saying 'Buy Us!'.  Telling us lies like, 'You could just have one of us and throw the rest away.'
      Next thing you know your back on Phillip Morris's list of loyal paying customers.
     Outlaw smoking already Congress. I know it's profitable, sexy and super cool and all and I totally understand all that.  But Condoning smoking in our society is the same thing as supporting slow, painful assisted suicide.
     People will say that government shouldn't tell them what they can and can't do but in this case they really do need to.  This habit may start as a decision but it becomes an addiction and stops being a choice and becomes a need and next thing you know your a slave whether you realize it or not.
     I honestly have never even understood why something so harmful, not to mention addictive, is even legal and readily available anyway.  It doesn't make any good sense at all. 
     I know smokers will hate this post but deep down even they know we are just paying to kill ourselves slowly and even though we should stop we either don't have enough self preservation instinct to or just simply can't do it.
     I think we have more than proven we are too weak willed to do whats right for ourselves.  Help us Uncle Sam. 
     Remove the temptation.

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