Friday, December 23, 2011

Filthy Green Paper Puppet Master

     Money doesn't buy happiness...?

     Really?  Well, I beg to differ, without money in this world you ain't gunna be too happy.  Just try to achieve happiness without it. 
     Whoever it was that said those words must have never tried to live without enough money or at the very least was just a complete and total moron because money buys absolutley everything in life that you need to live. 
      You may not be able to purchase the intangibles with cash such as love, peace, or friendship.   But money damn sure buys all the necessary accesorys's for aquiring each of those things.  So while it may not outright buy those things it does make them all possible. 
     Still not convinced?  Then I challenge you to just go ahead and try being happy sitting in the cold with no electricity and no groceries to feed your children.  I promise you all the love in the world doesn't suck the misery out of that situation. 
     Don't kid yourself money is an extremelly vital ingrediant in survival itself as well as an absolute neccesity if you want any kind of a shot at happiness in this world.  In fact the more you have the better chance you have to be happy in life.  It's a stone cold fact.

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  1. I don't think you've made your case Shawn. Certainly, no money is a recipe for unhappiness, but I think you miss the point of the aphorism. An individual needs only so much money, but once they become obsessed with making money, that is also a recipe for unhappiness. Solution? Make only as much money as you need to live comfortably and spend the rest of the time doing what you want to do, not what you are told to do by someone else, which is what making money usually entails.

  2. I disagree for many reasons...1. Money is a falicy. There is no true value of money. It is backed by absolutly NOTHING. The solution is a resource based economy like the Venus project. This would elimanate need, greed, and social class seperation. 2. The needs of a regular person are seldom met by money. My kids neef shoes right now and Im a two income family. 3. The pursuit of money has and will lead to the unraveling of our society. I recomend you watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward for much more info on our current monetary system and its many flaws. Thank you for your comment though. I appreciate your insight and readership. Come back soon!