Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Legally Rigged Fight

     This is definitely NOT a man's world.   
     That garbage is just a triple load of pure grade A bullsh*t piled on us by delusional men who can't face the truth and by the music of James Brown. 
     Trust me, don't believe the hype, women run this country and have for a very long time.  I'm not sure exactly when they took over but women are definitely running shit these days.  Don't think so?  You can bet your ass you'll find out quickly if you ever have to divorce one in this country.  You'll see first hand just how much women control things.  There won't be the slightest doubt in your mind at all after that.  Once your bent over, forced to grab hold of your ankles and then brutally raped by a woman you'll never again forget who's in charge.
     If this is news to you, your not alone, it all came as a huge shock to me as well.  I wasn't foolish enough to believe in all of that "Man's world" BS but I did believe in Justice and fair play. 
     I say justice and fair play, but I might as well have just said Fairy Tales and old wives tales or Santa Clause' pet Loch Ness Monster, or more to the point...a misleading pipe dream of an alternate reality in which all the lies we are brainwashed with as children are actually true.  Justice exists, life is fair, people are good.  I'm sorry but it doesn't, It's not, and most people would sooner trample you to death than walk around or step over you.

    I learned these unfortunate truths in a terrible, cold place where the harbinger of truth dresses all in black which is fitting if you consider that almost every single one of your fantasy's about how life works are about to die horrible deaths in this den of liars where the biggest snake sits atop a giant desk looking down on his students as he force feeds truth mercilessly while passing his biased judgement punctuated violently by the clamorous banging of his gavel.
     The whole show was actually quite impressive.  It's script hard to follow, misleading, and quite simply skewed drastically in favor of the woman every time.  My ex committed adultery repeatedly with multiple men she met on-line over and over during a two year period and none of that mattered one bit.  No matter what the case the result is still the same.  Men always lose, and Women always win. 
     There is no such thing as fair, Justice is as real as the Tooth Fairy.  And equality only comes into play when it raises women up.  Feminine equality isn't for leveling the playing field it's there to exploit when convenient and hidden during the times when the girls have thoroughly kicked our asses so that they can fake weakness. 
     Bye Bye belongings, so long house, goodbye friends, farewell the vast majority of the time with my children I once had.  Bon voyage to half my money.  Hello, empty little apartment with pasty plain and naked walls, welcome back ramen noodles, I see you up there poverty line, don't forget us sub-poor folks.
     The positive side to my new destitute life of loneliness and poverty is the 215lbs of demon I finally got off of my back.  That big ol triple back fat roll sporting, black hearted, soul crushing succubus is gonna have to find some other poor bastards soul to feed on from now on. 
     I may have lost everything in the divorce but what I regained is immeasurably precious, and as priceless as the hope diamond.   My settlement in that biased divorce is intangible yet immeasurable in terms of peace, hope and happiness because hope for the future has replaced my despair and my soul is reborn stronger than ever before thanks to my newly restored freedom.
     I may have gotten my ass kicked but the demon is finally gone.  I can get it all back again because I kick ass.  So in closing I say good riddance to fat rubbish!

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