Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's like you were never here
Your memory's been lost
My recollection of you won't come clear
As if our paths had never crossed
Two lives played out in seperate ways
As we ran through life's rat race
Took different turns on the roadways
Lovers at one time, in a far off distant place
We were young and sure we knew it all
Our whole lives still left to live out
What we thought was large had turned out small
We hadn't any clue of what life was all about
I hope that happiness has found your life
And that your story turned out well
My life's been good, more joy than strife
Past's lessons have guided me well
Now, for the first time, to you I say goodbye
Thanks for playing along in my life's game
My past is me, something I don't deny 
Helped to mold the man that I became

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