Monday, November 28, 2011

Is that calendar right?...

      I know I'm easily amazed but I just cannot believe that I am nearly 36 years old. That isn't just impossible it's perfectly ludicrous. 
     Where did all that time go? It isn't possible that nearly 36 years have already gone by.  I swear its all just been a complete and total blur.
     Physically I could believe I'm 36 but mentally I don't feel a day over 21.  Well, 16 honestly but let's go with 21 because my 21st birthday was the last 'milestone birthday' that actually meant something.  Plus I kind of remember it.  There was lots of liquor, vomit, and then a blackout.  When I woke up my friend Tony's dog was using my arm as a chew toy and I had two black eyes. 
     Ah, memories...
     Once you can legally drink your all out of age related incentives for quite some time. From that point on each birthday that rolls around is just a quiet celebration of your continuing survival on this big blue marble with cake.
      I mean seriously is it really 2011?  That just cannot be. That is just too wild, 2011?
     Theres been a mistake 'cuz I still listen to 80's music hell, the last song on my mp3 player was 'Youth Gone Wild'.  So its either 1989 or I'm frozen in time? 
      In all seriousness though, I really just cannot believe how fast these 36 years have flown by.   Makes me wish I would have paid a lot more attention along the way. 
     I didn't though, and I know I probably won't now either.  I'd like to but, I just get bored so damn easily.

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  1. I've got some bad news for you Shawn. Each year goes by faster than the last. I should know, I'm almost twice your age. Reading A Brief History of Time might provide some consolation.