Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holding the future's hand

Before you gripped my finger with your tiny little hand I never truly understood what being a father even really meant much less how just your miniature hand embracing my forefinger would make me feel.  How that very moment everything I felt about life as well as how I saw the world would instantly change.  I also had no idea how you'd fill my life with meaning and purpose while bringing a brand new focus and clarity to all my dreams and goals.  I never felt so proud, happy and full of love.  In that brief moment, merely minutes into your new life as your little fingers gripped my finger I saw the future through you in that delivery room and I finally knew my purpose in life and what it was I had to do.  From that moment on all I've done is love you with all my heart and soul and do my best to protect and guide you on your way through life and along the way teach you all I learned in my travels through life so my lessons might help you in yours.

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