Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard,
The Original Three Stooges. 

I grew up on the Three Stooges.

     The Stooges were a huge part of my childhood, I spent endless hours with these chuckle heads.  Their part of who I am and i was never even all that big of a fan. 
     I watched Moe, Larry and Curly's antics so much because my Dad loved them, and as a boy I idolized my Dad, so I tried to love them too. 
     I didn't realize it till started typing but a lot of purely happy memories from my childhood involved Moe, Larry, and Curly.
     I can still remember bonding with my Dad over those short little black and white shows. 
    Just looking at these pics brings back the memories of hearing that sound that was all too rare back then..
...the sound of Dad laughing.

     Things were always tough for us back then and he was mostly alone but watching the Stooges always made Dad happy. 
     He shoulda had it playing on an endless loop.  Always on 24/7.  Hell, why not? misery sucks, do what makes you happy.
           I guess I owe Moe and the boys a debt of gratitude.  I never really thought of just how many good memory's came from Those 3 fools. 
     Plus I bet you a busted clock that I can block the old two finger eye poke at least 9 X's out of ten.
     Seriously though Watching Moe poke Larry in the eyes, or hit Curly's in the head with a hammer really brought out a piece of my old man out that I hardly ever got to see any other time.  
     What the Stooges did in my household all those years ago was magical and the memories of watching them with my Dad are ones that I will always cherish.
     Thanks for the laughs Moe, thanks for the memories Larry, And finally thanks for inventing my look Curly.  Bald and fat forever!
    Hell I'm feeling generous so tell Shemp, Curly Joe, and even Joe Besser that I love them too!

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