Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bored Now...

I'd sleep if I could stand the dreams
Its all so boring and been done
Just so weary of feeble boring daydreams 
Life's damaged my will so deep it's nearly broken
Built up walls inside to keep me safe
Outside them may be adventure
I just cant tell from inside my safe place
Afraid to take my chance at finding better
From fear of unknown dangers I may face
Just withdrawl deep to my inner sanctum
Internal fortress only safe thoughts dwell
One day soon i'll break from safety's bosom
Flee the refuge of my self made safety cell
The Bright colors I will finally chase them
Leave this crushing boredom in my wake
The Monotony of life I now condemn
Fate of my soul and sanity both at stake
Doubt tries to whisper that it's not my time
But I know now is when to fight for what is mine
Tear down the walls I've built up during a lifetime
Remove sorrow's grip  by letting life's sunshine

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