Friday, January 30, 2015

To Petra,

     I haven't written anything here for awhile because nothing has drawn me back until now. Today I finally came home to Reading Practice because what I needed to write about doesn't belong on my main blog, Laughing at Life 2. What I need to write about today is personal and hard and that kind of personal material belongs here at Reading Practice. I would have been back sooner I just haven't had anything personal that I needed to say. That is of course, until today.

     My best friend died today. He was struck and killed by a Dish Network van at approximately 8am right out in front of my home. The driver of the Dish Network van did not even tap his brakes, just killed my friend and continued on with his day paying no attention to me or my feline companion that he had just killed and taken from my family's life. It was devastating seeing him lying dead in the street like that and I will never forget the sight of his motionless body lying there for as long as I live. It was horrible.

     I don't want to remember him like that. That wasn't what he was. He was so much more than that lifeless corpse lying there on the pavement. It didn't even look like him. It looked like a cheaply made Hollywood prop, not my friend that I had raised from a newborn kitten and loved more than I have the words to even express. It still doesn't seem real to me but it is real. He is gone now and all I have left of him is his memory.

     Thank you Petra for being the best damn cat that has ever lived. I love you buddy and I am going to miss you more than I have the talent to say. I hope wherever you are that you are happy and at peace. You will be missed so much boy, not just by me but by our whole family of which you were a huge and irreplaceable part. We love you Petra, be happy buddy, know you were loved and be free.



  1. Very sweet. Sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and yours.

  2. That is very rough. Sorry to hear of that, even though it was over a year ago. I went through my Disqus comments app and discovered some spam comments from A-Z Challenge 2013 which prompted me to go through all my comments wondering if I had reciprocated, or to whitelist different bloggers so I wouldn't have a repeat of the spam comments issue, even though I allow links on my blog. Sigh. Hope 2016 is a better year for you and am following your blog on GFC. Maybe you will be encouraged to blog again, if the spirit moves you. Blessings. Courtney - Maui Jungalow