Monday, February 10, 2014

When looks are always decieving

     Women, the fairer sex.
I love women, really I do, who doesn't?  Women are great.  Every single one offering her own grace and beauty to the world every day.  Just looking at them from across a room can soothe you.  And I love the way their voices sound.  Get too close to a woman and they can get intoxicating.  So inviting, soft, and warm.  If you love her she's your home and that special one fills your heart up completely with love, and purpose and she just swells up your heart with pride that she is yours.  She can make you feel important, special.  Her love for you validates your soul. 
     Women truly are amazing.  I love each and every one. I always have loved women. 
I just don't trust a single one. 
     They try to fool you with their big old eyes and their soft and sexy sweet appearance but below all that's a demon.  I have seen so for myself.
     So love your women and enjoy them but be careful watch your backs because they'll wait until your guards are all the way down and all at once they'll viciously attack until there is nothing left of you but pain.  

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