Tuesday, April 30, 2013


     The Zeitgeist film trilogy consists of three powerful documentaries that point out the problems, and restraints of our current monetary system, and shows the need to move to a more humane, and logical resource based economy.  It exposes the damage our money driven economy has done to our world, and it's people.  Pointing out undeniably how greed, and corruption has ruined our planet, and distorted our views about the difference between right and wrong.
     These films go further than showing us what has gone wrong with humanity though.  They offer a solution for how to fix our world in a way that takes care of everyone, not just the elite, or the privileged.  Using the 'Venus Project' these films show us how a resource based economy would not only repair the damage done to our planet, but also end the starvation and suffering caused by the greed behind our current monetary system.
     These films offer hope that if we were to rise up as one things could still be set right in the world.  They show us that the petty differences between us are insignificant and programed in us to keep us from doing just that.  They show us that if we worked together we could turn our world in to a much better place.  This is a message that needs to be spread to more and more people until the vision laid out in these films becomes the reality of our future.  


  1. I haven't heard of this film series before. Sounds interesting!

    1. They really are very good. They are all on Netflix if you have that check them out.