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Dark Paige pt5


     Dave finished pouring his drink without answering her and when he was satisfied he slowly turned around around to face his wife.  Her beauty and naivete was disarming and he almost relented just from the sight of her innocent doe eyes, but instead he pushed forward. 
     "Paige there's something I have to tell you."  Dave said and immediately tipped back his glass of Scotch.  "This is big Paige, you may want to sit down."
     "This doesn't seem like its going to be good news Dave.  Your freaking me out a little."  Paige said choosing her words carefully.  She didn't like the coldness in her husbands eyes.
     "It's not good news.  I've been having an affair Paige, and I want a divorce"
     Paige melted into the chair weakly, her hands trembling, eyes filling with tears  "What?"  She asked, certain she had misunderstood.
     Dave turned around to refill his drink.  "An affair Paige.  I'm amazed you didn't know really.  Its been going on for over six months and we're in love."  He turned back towards her.  "I want a divorce Paige."  He said coldly but as he said it he almost dropped his glass because he no longer felt he was talking to his wife of three years.  There was nothing in the eyes of the woman who looked back at him studying him up and down.  "Paige, did you hear me."
     "No Dave, she didn't, Paige isn't here."  She said calmly as she stood up and started to approach him slowly.  "Paige left.  It's only us now." 
     "What in the hell are you talking about?"  Dave asked backing away until he ran into the counter without even noticing he was doing it.  "What is this?"
     "Nothing Davey, I just want to make sure I heard you right.  You had said you were having an affair?"


     "You can't go there" Susan said still holding Ray's big hand in her own. "He has to do this on his own." 
     "Part of me agrees with you,"  Ray said to her still looking down  "But a bigger part says he's not safe.  I feel like its going to be worse this time."
     "Yes Suze, I don't think she's expecting what she's going to find when she gets home.  I think Paige thinks that Dave will be glad to see her.  Like this was all just a big misunderstanding and when the other sees the truth there's nothing but that little gun he won't use to stop her."   Ray looked up at his wife.  Looked deep into her beautiful green eyes.  "What if she kills him this time Suze?"


     "Yes Paige I have been having an affair."  Dave said and turned around to pour another drink.   But, when he turned around, the bottle was gone and soon so was everything else.  A sharp pain wracked his head and the world went red and then black.  Dave fell to the floor in a heap as his legs gave out from under him.
     "That's a shame."  Paige said in a pouty way as he collapsed.  "The bottle didn't even break."  She opened the scotch and took a drink from the bottle and wiped her mouth with her forearm.  "Oh well, least I didn't waste the Scotch.  Now what to do with you."   She asked herself as she rolled Dave's limp body over with her foot.  "I know!"  She exclaimed cheerfully and headed out of the kitchen towards the garage.
     In the garage Paige walked around like a confident shopper she gathered up a roll of twine, a hand-saw, a retractable razor blade and a hammer.  Her arms full she headed back into the house.
     Once inside she set her items on the island in the kitchen, walked over to Dave and kicked him across the face as hard as she could.  His head whipped to the side but he otherwise did not respond.
     "Aw, hims still sleepin'"  Paige said to no one but herself as she reached down and grabbed Dave's limp hands and began to drag him over to the kitchen table.


     "What makes you think it's going to even get violent Ray?"  Susan asked.
     "You know what schizophrenic is don't you baby?"  Ray asked his wife as he stood up from the table and began to pace.  "The two half's of Paige's psyke  are independent and the calm sweet version of Paige is unaware of the other.  When the other is in charge the Paige you and I know is gone.  The one that remains is a fearless vicious monster."   Ray looked back at Susan.  "That's the one I think Dave is going to be dealing with Suze.  Once she realizes he isn't happy to see her I think that other side will come up.  I think it protects her."
     "What do you want to do then Honey?"
     Ray pulled his chair back out and sat back down at the table.  "That's what I don't know baby."


     Paige dragged Dave's lifeless body up onto the big oak kitchen table and went for her twine and the razor.  She tied all his limbs to the legs of the table tightly checking each knot twice.  Once she was sure he was secure she went back to the island to gather her other items.  She brought it all back to the table and then noticed Dave beginning to stir.
     "Goody!"  She exclaimed.  "Now the party can begin."
     "What?"  Dave grumbled coming awake.  "What party."
     "Hush Davey, your going to need your strength."  Paige said as she stripped off Dave's pants.  "Pain can be exausting."
     "Paige, what are you doing?  Stop this."  Dave begged of her.
     "I told you Davey, Paige is gone.  It's just you and me and I hafto fix you before she gets back."  Paige grabbed the saw off the table and slid it slowly up Dave's leg to his crotch settling it under his testicles.  "You see Davey your just confused."
     "PAIGE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"  Dave screamed as he struggled with the ropes.  "PAIGE!  STOP!  I'M SORRY!"
     "Oh you will be Davey." She began to slide the saw slowly back and forth.  The rusty teeth garbbing skin and tearing it a little on each tooth.  Dave screamed out in pain.  Just a a mesh of raw agony and feverish begging.  She stopped sawing and slid the saw back down his leg slowly.
     Dave calmed down enough to form words and began to beg harder.  "Please Paige stop.  Please.  Stop Paige. Please!"  Tears streamed down his face.
     "But we just started Davey."  She said and put the saw down and grabbed the hammer from the table.  She slid it slowly along his leg resting it in the same place she had the saw.
     From up the stairs the sound of Carrie screaming rolled into the kitchen and Paige collapsed.  Having lost sight of her Dave struggled harder but the ropes were just too tight.  He couldn't break free.  From under the table Dave heard his wife calling out to him.
     "Dave get Carrie I can hear her screaming.  Dave! Dammit I swear I always...Why am I under the kitchen table?"
     Paige stood up and looked at her tied-up husband.  "David what is this?  What the hell is this?

     Paul drove the Gator full out along the creek because he could see Frank starting to pass out and did not want to have to haul his fat ass into the big truck.  He turned around a sharp corner and Frank fell into his shoulder.
     "Damn Paula, where'd you learn to drive.  I almost spilled my,  Hey Paul a deer!"  Frank said pointing at what he took for a deer up ahead but what was actually a young woman drinking from the creek.
     "I'm glad we packed the guns dumb ass, that ain't no deer, its a girl.  she's just a lot slimmer than your used to seeing."  Paul slowed the Gator down and hollered across to the woman.  "Hey, are you OK?"
     Paige leaped to her feet and began waving frantically "Hey over here.  I'm lost out here.  Help me!"  She screamed at the two forms in the camo 4 wheeler-type thingy.  She wasn't sure what it was but that hardly mattered right now.  It was help. 
     She jumped into the creek and started treading across to the side with the men in the 4 Wheeler.  "Hey don't leave me here, Help, I'm lost."  She hollered as she crossed the waist deep frigid water not even noticing the coldness of the water in her excitement.  "Please, help me!"  She yelled out to the men.
     "Holy shit Paul, that deers in trouble."  Frank said half passed out.
     "Yeah genius I see that."  Paul said to his drunk hunting partner as he climbed out of the Gator and approached the creek and the woman crossing his way.  "I see ya!"  He yelled, "It's okay now."
     "I am so glad to see you mister."  Paige said as she reached the man's side of the creek.  The lights on the four wheeler making it hard to make much more out than that he was a large man.  "I thought I was stuck out here."
     Paul reached out to help the woman out of the creek "Well its okay now and call me Paul."  She grabbed his outstretched hand and he pulled her out of the creek.
     "Hi Paul, I'm Paige."  She said as she made her way onto the shore.  "I'm so glad to see you guys."
     "Lets hope you still feel that way after you meet Frank."
     "Hi Plaige."  Frank slurred.  "Watch out there's a deer in trouble round here."
     "Ignore him, He's pretty drunk.  Here I have a blanket in the back."  He said going around to the back of the gator and pulling out a rolled up camouflage blanket.  He draped it over Paige's shoulders.  "There you go.  Hop in and I'll get you outta here OK."
     "Thank you so much."  Paige said as she squeezed in between Paul and Frank in the seat of the 4 wheeler.  "Really thank you guys so much, you saved my life."  She said as Frank passed out on her shoulder and began to snore.
     "Make yourself at home Frank."  Paul said laughing.  "Well Paige, Its my pleasure trust me.  I didn't think anything would shut him up."  Paul said and started up the Gator to head to Franks truck. "Where you headed to?"
     "Home."  Paige answered resolutely.  "I wanna go home."

To be continued...

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