Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freaking Out!

     Don't mind me, I'm just freaking out a little bit.  The A - Z blog challenge is only 8 days away and Reading Practice is just no where near ready.  You see, this little blog here affectionately known as Reading Practice has always been my pet project, my secret little baby.  My other blog, the one I focus on the most, Laughing at Life, 2 is ready to go.  But, that one comes easy to me, comedy is fun for me, it doesn't feel like work.  Plus, it's the area that I've always had success and know I am good at.  My creative writing though, what you find here, is a whole lot harder for me.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, that's why I do it but, preparing my baby for this challenge has been tough.  Hence, the freaking out.

     It's my A post that is giving me the trouble you see.  Of course it's my A, why wouldn't it be?  I have B, C, and D ready to go but that pesky A...  That A is proving to be, as Tarantino would say, the real b*tch of the bunch.  The reason it's so tough is because it's a short story I have had outlined for months but, have kept shelved in my notes because, I just can't seem to breathe any life into it.  I keep plugging away at it though because my mind is made up, it's my A so, I'll just have to get busy and, make it work.
     This stress, in the end though, is actually a good thing.  I have always loved Reading Practice.  I just never promoted it or pushed it like it's big brother because it was always just like my own, secret, but public, journal.  I started writing the poems and stories online to sort of push myself with my writing.  This has proven to be a very good idea.  I feel that I have grown a lot as an author doing this blog and taking on this challenge, although a bit intimidating, and scary, will be the first big step that my creative writing, and Reading Practice has ever taken.  It's exciting for me and I hope it will be for my readers as well.  Join us throughout April as we participate in the A - Z blog challenge and check out the other great blogs in the line-up this year with the blog hop list at the bottom of the page.  It should be a great time.


  1. Hello, just stopping by to wish you luck with this challenge :)