Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Black Heart

She always had a cold, black heart.  In her soul there was nothing there
She killed all my dreams and drained my soul.  And, never once, did she ever care
Once wasted I was thrown away.  Like a worthless piece of trash
But, in the end she lost the best thing she ever had.  And, honestly, she can kiss my ass
I wish only the worst upon her.  Although, I know that is wrong
I just hope God will forgive my hate because it's way to deep, and far too strong
My gloves are off, I've surrendered control
She is a monster that reason will not hold
Children are not weapons, and love is not a tool to pry
I'm tired of trying to reason with a demon, and always wondering why
She has to rip and tear at me even though she lives her new life that is an empty lie
But, it's the life she chose, it just brings her no joy which, is a fact she must deny.
Her own mother didn't want her, she wanted her to die
Her grandmother failed her too, but it's very easy to see why
Selfishness is all they ever showed, greed all they seemed to know
So love never had the slightest chance to be, much less to ever grow 


  1. Wow, powerful post. The picture is very fitting too. Looking forward to checking out more of your writing during A-Z!

    1. Thank you. I was worried it was too negative. It was what I was feeling though so I posted it.