Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Poem For My Wife

I honestly, deeply love my wife
She makes me whole, and love my life

Before I knew her love, I used to feel
That this life was meaningless, hateful, and unreal

But it's because of her I now know
That that just isn't what is so

Her love has completely set me free
Made me believe in love, and feel safe to be me

Everyday my love for her only grows
I just pray so hard to God, that deep down she knows

I try my best to tell her everyday
Using my words, my kisses, my eyes, and many other ways

But, God forbid, I should die before I wake
I worry, not only because it would make her heart break

It's so much more and, what I really need to know
Is if I did, and said enough for her to show

Her that my love was deep, pure, and true
So I try my best each, and every day to do
All that I can to drive my feelings through
It just doesn't feel enough to say, 'Baby, I love you'
Even when I kiss her eyes, or hold her tight
I feel I'm still just not doing it right
There must be more that I can do
But until then I just must make-do
With loving her my best each, and everyday
And always showing her in every way
That she means so much more to me
Than I know how to make her see.


  1. Wonderful poem , your wife is a very lucky woman to have a husband like you