Monday, April 22, 2013

Selling My Words

     I started blogging about two years ago, and when I started doing it I was only doing it for fun, and because I wanted to write.  I still enjoy doing it, but I am growing frustrated with it because I have got to a point where I want to start making money from my writing, but I have no idea how.  I figured that since I am in the A to Z challenge currently that maybe now would be a good time to ask for advice.  If you know of steps that I could take to become a professional writer please share them with me.  I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Not a subject I can really advise in -- and I'm fairly new to blogging, my friend, Kerri Cuevas is also here on the A to Z (sorry not yet sure how to pop that link for you) but her blog does tell how she wrote and wrote, and submitted to contests, which got her an editor & now she has a book in print! I've read books on getting published in magazine, reading the writers guide & for awhile I subscribed to Writers Digest -- keep at it & don't give up!! You will get there

    1. Thanks, I will look in to Writers Digest.

  2. I agree with Diana's post. I was thinking of Writers Digest too. But there are websites out there like and that you can publish work on to start getting it out there. I have followed for awhile too with a few friends of mine--they have great advice there too. Just don't give up!! Good luck! Inspirefly